Specialist in Developmental Behavioural Paediatrics


ASD is a neuro-developmental disability thought to have neurological or genetic causes . However, the cause is not yet fully understood and there is no cure. A person on the autism spectrum has difficulties in some areas of their development, but other skills may develop typically.

ASD affects around 1 in 68 people of school age, with males being around four times more likely to be affected than females.

People on the autism spectrum have difficulties in the two main areas of:

  • social communication and interaction
  • restricted or repetitive behaviours, interests and activities. 

There is no single test for ASD diagnosis. ASD in children is diagnosed through observation by a multidisciplinary team or the following health professionals:

  • paediatrician
  • psychologist
  • psychiatrist
  • speech pathologist.

Early intervention has been shown to improve outcomes for children on the autism spectrum.